100% of the Profits from Your Purchases Help to Sustain a Buddhist Monk.


Buddhist Prints offers a unique giving opportunity for any time of year.  When you make a purchase from our site, you will not only give a physical gift, but also so much more.  100% of the profits from all sales go toward helping a Buddhist monk live and study.  The only expense removed is the actual cost of the merchandise.

Imagine how big your gift really can be.  It is not only a gift for a friend or loved one, but a way of aiding another human life.  Finally, it is a gift for yourself and the world, as the monks send out their prayers of love and peace.

A monk can be supported for an entire year, paying for all food, lodging and education for only $300.  To date Buddhist Prints has raised enough money to support 10 monks for a year and we look forward to supporting many more with your help.


    Our goal to support 100 monks this year is attainable.  If all of our Facebook friends gave up a cup of coffee and donated that $3, we could reach our goal today. 100% of all do...
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  • Be Born Anew Products

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    While we all live in one body, there are many masks that we use during our lives depending on the circumstances. The masks in this artistically created image are all hand carved an...
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  • Steps up the Mountain Products

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    Sunlight plays off the walls of the Rigon Tashi Choeling monastery of Pharaphing, Nepal creating an aura of happiness and peace.
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  • All Is Possible Products

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    This artistic work is based on a photograph enhanced from a hand painted and carved statue found in Rigon Tashi Choeling Monastery in Pharaphing, Nepal Treasure Room. This protecti...
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Sponsor a Monk

When you click the button to the right, your generous purchase of a Monk Sponsorship is a gift guaranteed to go toward a good cause! 100% of the public donations from a sponsorship purchase will go toward their support.


How we support the monks WITH ARTWORK PURCHASE:

  1. Choose a piece of artwork to purchase.
  2. A monk will bless the artwork, and you will receive a certificate of authenticity with your print.
  3. 100% of the net profits go to the monks.

For centuries, Tibetan masters and monks have sought refuge in sacred lands as places to divine messages from ancient sources to seek enlightenment and administer blessings for countless souls in a weary world.

In the valleys of Nepal, verdant, forested slopes rise up on the horizon, and living rocks are imbued with the force of a spiritual energy in a place so sacred that spontaneous forms mystically manifest near its Buddhist monasteries and temples. It is where Padmasambhaya, the 8th century Tantric sage, achieved enlightenment. And it is where, today, the Tibetan Buddhist monks of the Rigon Tashi Choeling Monastery arise in the cool before dawn to send blessings to a world increasingly shaken by rapid technological advancement and by ecological harm. Their goal is to end suffering of any kind for all sentient beings.  It is here that they also create wonderful Tibetan art and Buddhist art.

Now You Can Be a Part of the Dharmic Circle
Living in clarity beyond ordinary consciousness, and detached from the illusions of the physical world, the monks, inspired by a duty to give, awaken a strong spiritual energy to bring about the vital healing of the planet. Now, you, too, can give back and help carry healing energy to other sentient beings by supporting the monks’ mission.

Monk sponsorship is a very powerful way to express our gratitude to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas who are continuously working for our benefit. Supporting the monks in these times sends tremendous blessings to a very weary world. To support the monastic community is to plant seeds of enlightenment for countless beings.

In the shop, we are also selling prints of digitally altered photographs taken of the monastery, the monks and the surrounding valley.  We call these prints “Blessed Energy Art”.  Upon purchase, the monks make a blessing in the name of the purchaser.  The purchaser then receives a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, confirming the blessing, and 100% of the profits of the print sale is given to the monks.  The purchaser has the option of having his or her name appear on the site as gratitude for their support.

You can support the work of the monks—to live a life dedicated to dharma, to serve other beings, and to achieve accomplishment on the spiritual path—while bringing blessed, high energy art into your home.

To encourage supporting the monks, with each print you a prayer will be made from the Rigon Tashi Choeling – Nepal Monastery on your behalf.  Additionally you will be given a “Certificate of Authenticity” to confirm the prayer is being made and the donation you are making is going to the monks in Nepal.

If you want you can also make a donation directly to the monks by clicking the “Sponsor a Monk” button at top right of this page.

We now sell digital files of any image, which will be sent to you upon completion of the purchase, for you to use in your own way.

Other items, such as t-shirts, mugs, buttons, water bottles, keychains and more have been added to our inventory and can be purchased adorned with any of our images.  A new way to support the monks and give some peace and love to yourself or a friend.



Sponsor A Monk



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